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Wedding Tips 2024

1. Plan ahead. Talk to your photographer about what kind of photos you’d like and make a list of must-have shots. This will help ensure that you get the specific photos that you want.

2. Relax and have fun. Your wedding day is supposed to be a happy occasion, so don’t stress out about getting perfect photos. Enjoy yourself and let your personality shine through in the pictures.

3. Choose the right photographer. Make sure to do your research and pick a photographer whose style you love. You’ll be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with them.

4. Pay attention to the details. From what you’re wearing to the decorations, every detail of your wedding day is important. Be sure to take photos of all the special details so you can remember them forever.

5. Get everyone involved. In addition to traditional posed shots, be sure to get candid shots of your guests enjoying themselves. These types of photos are often some of the most cherished memories from weddings. Opting for a 2 photographer package  is a great way to ensure you get another angle, and use the portrait/family photos time to get some photos of your guests enjoying themselves.

6. Take advantage of the location. If you’re getting married somewhere with a beautiful view, be sure to take some photos against the backdrop. These can make for very stunning and memorable wedding photos.

7. Get creative. Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas or poses. The best photos often come from thinking outside the box. Trust your photographer to guide you, but if something feels too cringe – tell them. The couples portraits are very much a collaborative process and communication is key.

8. Timing is everything. Be sure to discuss with your photographer what time of day would be best for taking photos. The lighting can have a big impact on how your photos turn out, so it’s important to plan accordingly and take their advice on board.

9. Weather matters. If you’re worried about bad weather on your wedding day, talk to your photographer about contingency plans. They’ll likely have some great ideas for how to make the most of less-than-ideal conditions. Be realistic and make it clear as to what you are or arent prepared to do in the eventuality of rain. Prepare with some cool umbrellas in the hope that you wont need them – and if you do, they’ll look great in pictures.

10. Be prepared. On the day of your wedding,  have the important things you might want photographed like specific jewellery, perfume/aftershave, flowers, lockets etc in an easy-to-find spot & then let go, trust that they have this and focus on enjoying your day. You’re getting married! 

2023 & 2024 Wedding Trends

I previously highlighted Color as a significant trend in 2022, and now I’m excited to witness its emergence in weddings – and I wholeheartedly embrace it!
The predominant color that has caught my attention is orange. Not only has this color gained popularity in interiors and fashion, but it is also making a notable appearance in weddings. We’ve chosen it as one of the key colors for a couple’s wedding design this year. I adore the inclusion of burnt and rusty oranges in designs, along with the infusion of peach tones paired with contrasting colors like bright blue – the effect is truly stunning. For those leaning towards vibrant oranges, consider pairing them with bright pink for an energetic and stylish vibe!


The prominence of displays at weddings is on the rise, and as a wedding designer, I am continually exploring ways to incorporate more displays or introduce innovative uses for them in couples’ weddings.

When I refer to displays, I’m envisioning more than just a basic table plan on a card placed on an easel. Instead, I’m inspired by extravagant designs and ideas, such as escort cards presented on creatively arranged crates adorned with foliage and flowers. It’s about elevating the visual experience!

Moreover, there’s a growing trend in crafting bespoke photobooth backdrop displays rather than opting for a standard brick wall backdrop from a photobooth company. Imagine a backdrop display designed for your ceremony, which can seamlessly transition into a photobooth backdrop or be positioned behind you during dinner – a versatile and eye-catching element to enhance various wedding moments.


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