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Manchester Wedding Photographer covering weddings North West & UK Documentary style with an artistic flare capturing those moments you miss. Danut Moldoveanu

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Manchester Wedding photography and videography play a crucial role in preserving the memories of one of the most important days in a couple's life. Through their lens, photographers and videographers capture the love, joy, and emotions of the day, providing a visual timeline of the couple's journey together. They can freeze the fleeting moments, the laughter, the tears, and the smiles, creating a lasting legacy of the couple's love story. Furthermore, the images and videos can be cherished for generations to come, reliving the memories and emotions of the special day over and over again. With the advancement of technology, modern wedding photographers and videographers use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to deliver stunning results .

We know Danut from our wedding and we liked him so much that it wasn't an event in our life that we didn't had him as a photographer. He was at least once a year at an event that we had. He is such a talented young man and you can see his talent and professionalism in every photo. We absolutely love his work and his dedication for photography. He knows how to make an event memorable true photographs and in the same time he can be charismatic and person that you instantly would like. I would highly recommend him with all my heart.
Andreea B.

The best experience

I can say it was a great day and I have all those lovely memories because I had a photographer like Danut ! Professional but still friendly enough to make you smile and have the great moments! Definitely we will collaborate in the future for more love pictures! It was a great pleasure to work with him!
Laura P.

Extremely professional

Mr Danut showed a lot of professionalism and he's an amazing man. I like the job he's doing and you can't tell he has the experience to create some amazing pictures. I'll recommend Mr Danut to all my friends because his a people person and the prices are reasonable.
Daniel E.

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